Saturday, 8 May 2010

Hot Air Balloons

At the best of times my dreams are somewhat bizarre.  Just like when I'm awake, my sleep world is slightly on the eccentric side (in other words I'm just as weird when I'm asleep as I am when awake).  But bizarre and all as my dreams normally are, they get way worse when I'm at altitude.  On a previous visit to Kenya I dreamept that I was pregnant a couple nights in a row, and the main topic of conversation at breakfast each morning was what strange and wacky dreams I'd had the previous night.

Today though, I believe I reached the pinnacle of strange dreams.  After waking from an afternoon nap (the joys of being a full-time athlete), I lay there wondering how on earth my subconscious had come up with my nap-time entertainment.  While on a run in a park, I met a man also on a run.  Only he wasn't on a normal run.  No, he was running with a hot-air balloon attached to his body.  I'm not sure of the purpose, as his feet were still on the ground - perhaps it's the newest trend in performance enhancement, or injury prevention.  I did try to get a photo, but stupidly had forgotten to put the battery in my camera.  And then I woke up.

The hot air balloon reference wasn't completely random.  New Mexico's largest city, Albuquerque, where I'm currently based, hosts an International balloon fiesta each October, and hence there are lots of pictures and paintings of hot air balloons decorating the walls of the hotels and restaurants in the city.  In fact, the lack of battery in my camera was also not that strange, and actually reminded me that I needed to charge the battery in my camera.  But why would anyone ever run with such a giant thing strapped to them, and more importantly why would I ever dream such a thing?

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