Thursday, 19 August 2010

Barcelona By Pictures

Barni, the B10 Mascott trying to get the crowd going.  Bless him, he tried, but Berlino was always going to be an impossible act to follow.

A view of the city from inside the Olympic Stadium

The track as the sun is setting

Barcelona's Olympic Port, reginerated for the 1992 Olympic Games

The detailed Navity Fascade on the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.  Gaudi's masterpiece is only 60% complete, but what is done is amaging

Detail of the 3 wise ones on that fascade

Stained glass detail from inside the church.  The interior is due to be finished later this year

Detail of the interior support and roof structure, designed to represent trees and branches in the forrest.  Gaudi was a bit of a nature lover

The work inside continues

Probably the worst buscar in the world.  To be avoided at all costs!  Scott and AnnMarie can vouch for that.

More of Gaudi's work

The National Moseum of Art of Catalunya as seen from the Placa d'Espanya

The Magic Fountain desplays that light up Mountjuic at night.

And no photo collection of mine would be complete without an animal of some sort.  This is a wild parrott that we saw in the hills above the city.

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