Monday, 23 August 2010

Caption Competition Winner

Since it seems that Nic is never actually going to be inspired enough to contribute to the caption competition, I have decided to announce the winner.

Runner-up spot goes to Mike for his contribution: The one on the left (let’s call him Bud for whatever reason!) is saying to the other (let’s call him Bob!) “this group is juuuuust magic and has massive potential”. If you know Bud and Bob, you'll know what he means!  unfortunately Mike there are no prizes for 2nd place.

But the winner, and the opportunity of a career in the humorous card caption business goes to Alex. Alex's entry was: 'The snake impression that Bob produced wasn't exactly what Tracy had been hoping for.

Some of the other contributions were:
Future Employer: Congratulations Ms Egan, you are the successful candidate, however I must inform you the job is 9 to 5.

Eliz: One is not amused!!!
(Fair point!)

Eh, who pinched my bum?

Congratulations to Alex, and thanks to all those who contributed.

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