Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Font Romeu Update

Greetings from Font Romeu, where the daily average temperature has fluctuated from single figures to something a little closer to 30. When it's nice, it's very, very nice, and when it's not, well it's pretty horrid!

I've put in a decent week's training over the past 7 days - made easy by the fact that I've had my little brother to train with, and because he always manages to find the best trails. As he hired a car while he was over we also managed to see a bit of the country. We even took a trip to Andorra last week - I'd love to say that it's a beautiful country, but quit frankly we didn't see a bit of it. So covered by cloud and fog, all I can actually tell is that it's got roads which are very windy and steep, and that the petrol is very cheap! The rest you'll just have to read in a guidebook.

That's me doing a little spot of training.  Ok, that's me posing for the camera!

Frustrated by the cold, and by the great weather reports that we were hearing from home, after training in the clouds (literally) we decided to head for the coast and a bit of sea-level yesterday. Thankfully it was sunny there, but by the time we had filled our stomachs (where John and myself are concerned that can take a while), bought a beach towel, purchased the world's most expensive pick-and-mix (17 euro of jellies that barely even gave us a sugar rush), and found a space on the beach, it had clouded over there too.

Somebody has a little bit too much time on their hands.  I'd love to say this is one of my creations, but even I'm not that artistic.

The good news is that today the weather is considerably better, and the beautiful blue sky is visible again. I may have even got a little burnt in places, but nothing as bad as the heat that John is going to feel radiating from himself later.

Just 6 more days in the Pyrenees, before I head to the Sierra Nevada in Spain (as apposed to Calafornia where I've already been) for 10 days. Then I'll have to dust off my limited Spanish again, and try not to say Merci and Bonjour all the time.

But for now it's au revoir, adios, chao, laters, take-it-handy, or whatever way you say goodbye where you come form.

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